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    Powerscape Still in alpha



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    Powerscape Still in alpha

    Post  !Santa! on Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:04 pm

    A Brand New RSPS in ALPHA-Testing stage
    We are a small server not yet 24/7 but will be with the help
    Of loyal players who wish to give back to what we offer.
    A 317 frame with 614 items.
    Drop Party at 10 players
    Staff spots open (you gotta work for it)

    Epic features include:
    Corporal Beast
    Dagonnoth kings
    Tormented Demons
    GodWars Dungeons
    Duel Arena
    Pest Control
    Much Much More!

    Join forums at:
    ww w.powerscape. tk
    Download at:
    ht tp: //uppit .co m/odh3ajf9dzub/PowerScape_Client .rar

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