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    New 711 rsps [ needs staff and players ] rackscape!



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    New 711 rsps [ needs staff and players ] rackscape!

    Post  rackscape on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:49 am

    Hey were a new rsps and we need players and we have open staff spots. Do not just ask for staff because that will reduce your changes to 0%. Be active on forums and apply and you will be considered.
    - We have all working spec weopons such as claws, korasi or ags.
    - We have full working pvp and multi pvp.
    - We have fully working god wars dungeon bosses and other bosses such as corp.
    - We have many skills including construction and dungerneering.
    - We have all working mini games and fully working dominion tower with glove rewards.
    This is server is not just a pvp or pvm server. This server is for all players. Whethere your a skiller, a pvmer or a pvper you will enjoy playing this server. We have an awsome staff team at the moment but we are a little short. So as i said come to the forums and apply. Do not just ask as soon as you join. We are going to host a drop party at 10 players not including admins. This will consist off:
    - 1 bandos chest plate.
    - 1 armadyl godsword.
    - 2 furries
    - 1 full set of dharok
    At the moment we are working on getting a webclient out so it is only available on a downloadable client.
    We also have a website that has fully working forums and soon will have fully working highscores.

    So we hope to see you soon guys. If you do join, which i highly reccomend, then feel free to message me ingame. Check out our youtube channel which is called vortexrsps for the link to the downloadble client and ask in game for link to the website. My ingame is [ JACK ] and yes i am the owner. Thankyou for taking the time to read this and hope to see you soon Smile

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