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    [317] Draesia! *NEW* 24/7

    Post  BloodyMurder on Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:54 am


    24/7 RSPS! Fairly new, already decently active players!

    Draesia offers very polite and helpful mods and players so far.
    There is usually always someone online to help out those in need of advice/help with anything. (specifically mods.)

    Skilling systems are very easy-to-use and provide a great form of money-making!

    We have recently had a hiscores release and it's available on a newly released forums that look absolutely amazing Smile

    We have fully working and easy-to-use killcount for Godwars, as well as custom bosses, KBD, powerful PK weapons, vote shop, etc.


    Skillers: For all you smexy skillers out there, there is a nice perk for you all! Smile
    We have a nice skillpoint system that gives you certain amounts of points every time you skill.
    After gaining said amount of points, you can go to the skill point shop and purchase either a genie lamp (750 skill point which give 50k xp in a skill of your choice) or a tome (1k skill points for 100k xp of select skills of your choice). There is also very close bank access on almost any skill you train!

    PKers: We haven't forgotten about you! Almost as the skill point system works, PKers have a PKP Shop (PK points)! After so many kills, your PK points will start to build up, giving you the choice of the all-rare/powerful excaliber (which you need to in order to kill a specific boss for a nice drop to increase the power of combat! Very Happy)

    We also have a simple barrows, Fight Pits, and Pest Control system that may appeal to many Smile

    (Pictures will be added below this information to give you a little view of what the server is all about.)*

    Please leave any questions/comments if you have any, and thank you for taking the time to read what we're all about! Smile

    Please note: Mild cussing IS allowed but please don't go overboard. And PLEASE - NO DRAMA TOLERATED! Ty.

    draesia -- dot -- com for download link/Forums
    -Will add pics once the 7 days are over....

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