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    new Qwackers 526 client!



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    new Qwackers 526 client!

    Post  ratgirlanny on Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:06 pm

    Hey guys i have a server here for you all to enjoy!
    ok so first off what does the server have heres a list:
    corp beast
    king black dragons.
    and lots more.

    what skills the server has:
    all of them att,str,def,crafting,hunter,summoning,construction! and loads more.

    what the server has:
    loads of pking space, plenty of places to train, loads of different armour, and its easy to level up ready for pking!

    the server i did not do the server it is painzones server and client so all i am doing is changing it into Qwackers i.e my server the owner chaos 666 has giving permission for people to edit and make it into there own aslong as he gets credit and thats right and i will be doing all i will be doing is changing the name for now into my stuff then in the future ill be adding loads of different features!

    so heres the credit
    100% to chaos 666 for his client and server
    0% to me just for making it online!

    heres the link to join the fun!

    i hope to see you all and hope to have lots of fun!

    see you there!

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