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    Jason for Mod



    Jason for Mod

    Post  Jason on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:02 pm

    Hi my name is Jason, my Chat box name is {jason}=¢aт¢gтяσ¢кѕ™️--ƒgυяє™️-PĒ₦₦Ȳ=Ftw.

    I am Posting this because, i would like to get Mod in Rizzy's Chatbox.

    Ive been Mod in alot of chat boxes, I basically now every rule.

    Today ive been Owner 2 time's...And Mod 5 Times..

    The Simple rules to be Mod is if People spam they get Kick, if they kick get more than 3 times they are Banned., if they come back it will be a permanant Bann.

    So this is my Post If i can be mod in Rizzy's Chat Box.

    Thank's for spending time reading this,
    Jason Smile
    Owner Rizzy

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    Re: Jason for Mod

    Post  Owner Rizzy on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:10 pm

    Ok, jason. what i really am looking for in a mdo is exactly what you just told me you can do, but also someone who can advetrise my chat/website for me while im akf. busy doing something or offline. especially when theres nobody in the chat id really liek you to advetrise. if i can login with people int eh chat chillin wit you and your doing good as a mod i'll keep you. but if you start slacking off because you got what u wanted then your gunna get demoted until you provew yourself again. i usually start mods off with a 1 hour trial. good luck jason!

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