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    Bump for moderator



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    Bump for moderator

    Post  bump on Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:15 am

    Hi my name is Luke, my Chat box name Bump

    I am Posting this because, i would like to get Mod in the chat box to help out with new comers.

    Ive been Mod in a big range of chat boxes, I know mostly every rule.

    I've been owners of chat boxes/admin of chat boxes, and moderator of chat boxes.

    The Simple rules to be Mod is if People spam they get Kick, if they
    they repeat spamming they get banned for a certain amount of time, if they come back spamming again it's permanant ban.

    I can also help advertise the website for you, to gain more people to have access to this site.

    I hope to hear some replies soon

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