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    Selling Custom RS3 Server



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    Selling Custom RS3 Server

    Post  DylanP on Thu Oct 29, 2015 7:41 pm

    What it includes:
    - Revision 849
    - Vorago (vitalis + teamsplit)
    - Bandos/Zamorak/Saradomin/Arma god wars
    - Drop rates so close to RS you'll pee yourself
    - (almost) all abilities, for range, melee and magic
    - All regular prayers and the important curse prayers
    - Prayerbook switching, mage book switching (even at the prif table thing)
    - About 4000 handcrafted npc spawns for a very interactive world
    - Corporeal beast
    - Fight caves
    - Queen black dragon
    - King black dragon
    - Aura's
    - All skills are working except a few minor issues (exceptions being cons/dung)
    - Flawless grand exchange with price fluctuation and proper supply/demand
    - A grave system
    - The new death mechanics
    - Treasure hunter
    - System for pets
    - All boss pets
    - Kill counters for bosses
    - All legion bosses and their pets/keys
    - Full ascension bows
    - A few utility spells, being alch and the likes
    - Glacors
    - A lot of dungeons
    - Friends chat system
    - Cycle time of 40ms under heavy load
    - Ice, jungle, desert and lava strykewyrms
    - A complex charges system for e.g. drygores
    - Item degrading and repairing
    - Summoning including full BOB system
    - Instanced boss fights
    - Bug reporting system integrated into a bug tracker (
    - Full fairy ring system
    - A pretty damn accurate jmod toolbox
    - Adamant and rune dragons
    - Player examining
    - Full banking with tabs and stuff
    - Item examining, npc examining and a load of object examines in most of the f2p region
    - Area loot system + new loot box
    - Proper quick chat working with the boss counter integrated
    - Divination, including boons and divine locations as well as signs of the porter which fully work
    - Really nice shop system
    - Potions + food
    - System for once-per-day stuff
    - Full character creation
    - New interface system with full customization
    - Proper barrows, including dark bits and the puzzles and realistic loot table
    - Dagannoths
    - Full tormented demons
    - Legacy combat and a few legacy special attacks
    - A terrible load of programmed npc AI, ranging from highwaymen to border guards
    - Revenants
    - Kaphite king
    - Neat cosmetics system with about all solomons items
    - Mining guild
    - Cooking guild
    - Ectofuntus
    - Full ironman system including hardcore => permadeath
    - Awesome music system with a load of linked areas with songs and unlockability
    - Home teleporting with animation override support
    - Proper resting with animation support
    - A huge load of dialogues... maybe about 100

    Only Accepting BTC.

    Add me on skype: dylan.palmer23

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