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    Millennium 718/724

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    Website: Currently working on one

    Contact via Skype @ (
    Join Now: Ask for Client for now Via Skype

    Welcome to the dark realm of Millennium, once you enter there is no turning back. Train, skill, and kill or be killed. The economy has just started, so join today, and get your hands on some gold while it's there for the taking. The server has been released with fairly little bugs known, but if you do happen to run into something, please report it to a staff member.

    Also, please note that the server is brand new. We are looking for staff, but not just anyone. Contact us via Skype or In-game for more information.

    We are currently looking for staff members such as Support & Player moderators.

    * Dwarf-multi cannon
    * Grand Exchange
    * Gambling such as the lottery, the flower game, & dicing
    * Squeal of Fortune
    * Dungeoneering
    * Recipe for Disaster
    * Over 10 different Minigames such as RuneSpan, Soulwars, and Castle wars
    * Dominion Tower with working Factor
    * Pyramid plunder
    * Polypore lair
    * All 5 Godwars bosses (Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, Zamorak, & Nex)
    * Queen black dragon
    * Forinthry dungeon (revenants)
    * PvM points
    * Well of Good Fortune (boosts drop rate percentage)
    * Working clan system
    * Completionist requirements
    * Clue scrolls
    * Drygore weapons
    * Ascension & Armadyl crossbow
    * 24 trainable skills
    * 5 billion XP cap (cape reward at 5b XP)
    * Kill streak system (capes included)
    * Double, triple, and even quadruple experience weekends

    What are you waiting for? Join now!

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