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    Olympus 317 PK-Based Brand new!



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    Olympus 317 PK-Based Brand new!

    Post  cooley on Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:24 pm

    Welcome to the Olympus server page! Starting at 3/13/15 we our a brand new server and hope you give us a chance when choosing your next rsps. Here at Olympus our goal is to provide the best rsps for our users. We listen to our players and treat them with respect because without them, we are nothing. With constant updates, 24/7 uptime, and a friendly environment, we feel we have created a server where anyone can come online and have a good time.
    Check out some of our features below for a closer look at what Olympus is like.

    www olympus-rsps com


    - 24/7 VPS hosted uptime
    - Great donator benefits
    - Friendly community
    - Great economy
    - Perfect Switching and pking
    - Full dicing/flower game
    - Play on resizable or full screen
    - Full curses
    - Full treasure trails system
    - KDR highscores
    - Imp catching throughout wilderness
    - Great bosses
    - So many more!

    Choose your own path!

    Active Community Growing Daily! (3/16/15)

    Play In Full Screen!

    Try your luck at luring or deep wildy pking!

    Barrows Store!

    Make money by catching and looting imps spawned throughout the wildy!

    Make extra thieving money through the wilderness chest!

    Compete with others to become the best pker!

    Multiple wilderness bosses and elite slayer tasks!

    Unique donor store with some awesome custom items!

    Barrows Store!

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