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    Unitykey Official Release!



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    Unitykey Official Release!

    Post  OP411 on Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:09 pm

    Well i have been digging through this source for about 2 months now and decided to see if i can take it a bit further....

    As afraid i am to even advertise i believe the content is a bit better than most servers out there and will only get better as we all advance and learn everyday...

    So without further ado.. i present.. UnityKey



    Basically has done before.

    A couple of features -

    Choose your XP rate at anytime! - From 5000, 500 and 50 rate.

    Perfect Skilling Area! - Not as unique but taking all suggestions!

    A variety of bosses that will take incredible skill to master! - Oh yes i have tweaked these bad boys.
    Nex will require at least 3 people to actually enjoy life is all ill say..

    Loyalty System - Nothing special! Daily Loyalty Points with a shop to spend them on! Might implement random daily rewards
    and titles.

    Summoning - Not 100% sure it is 100% but its very close!
    Different ingredients which are found inside the two shops. Oh and universal charm drops! Lets not forget the charming imp!

    Tougher Hunter! - recently tweaked, hunter NPC have been spread all around Unitykey! From the GE to the deep wild to Boss areas!

    A vast variety of pking areas! - Yes of course Runescape already has Pking areas but i soon want to bring them to life! maybe even create custom ones Wink FunPK, soon to come FFA Cwars, 100% Bounty Hunter,  Ability to switch PKing on and off at a click of a button anywhere unless restricted!

    Unique Home! - Yes. Home is now located a couple miles from Seers Village! I plan to have this spot as a quick teleport only!
    so we may expand to the buildings around (Make it a bit more lively) because edgeville is used too much Wink

    Lodestones! - No need to unlock! Fairy Rings spread all around the world and a few NPC to help you out!

    Great Minigames
    Single Player Pest Control!
    Custom Barrows - Will soon expand! Excepting all suggestions

    80% Party Room! - Fully working chest and balloons! Great for a quick drop party or any event at all!

    Bank Tabs! - Nothing big, organize your bank with ease..

    X2 XP Weekends - Aside from the XP Mode
    Leveling up will be a breeze if you hit it on the right time!

    Open to all suggestions! - all day

    New updates every week!

    Weekly events!

    Staff spots open! - Prove you are worthy! I need all the help i can get

    Sleek forum design! - designed by PkBro, may upgrade soon!

    5+ Voting Rewards!

    I love this source and am always full of ideas!


    Don't be afraid to come visit us!
    It is very new and only has a couple registered users!
    Admins, Moderators, Helpers, GFX Artists needed!
    All Players to start the movement needed!

    Have any questions? Email me @

    Leave feedback! Accepting all!

    Thank you.  sunny

    Vote4Us :rolleyes:


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    Re: Unitykey Official Release!

    Post  OP411 on Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:27 pm

    Recently updated!
    check out the updates at our forums:

    enjoy tongue


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    Re: Unitykey Official Release!

    Post  OP411 on Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:27 am


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    Re: Unitykey Official Release!

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