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    Krysis-RS, A Revolution


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    Krysis-RS, A Revolution

    Post  13lack drag on Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:47 pm

    A revolution is arising.


    [URL=""]Home Page[/URL]

    Here at Krysis-RS, I take a personal pride in doing what the community wants. Before I add or fix anything, I will suggest it, and that is what makes us able to strive for the best. Here is a list of what we have.

    -All Godwars
    -Wildy Wyrms
    -Group Bosses (Avatars of Destruction/Creation)
    -Paladins (Custom)
    -The Brothers (Custom)
    -Blitz (Custom)
    -Godcrusher (Custom)
    -Hell's Slave (Custom)

    -Custom Capes
    -Custom Weapons
    -Custom Armors
    -Revision 728 normal items

    -Perfect Switching
    -Recruit A Friend
    -Donator tier system
    -Advanced staff team
    -Clue Scrolls

    -Castle Wars
    -Clan Wars
    -Group bossing

    I hope to see you soon. The first 28 to join will receive a free goodiebag item.

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