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    Vernixscape 667 100% duel arena 100% clue scrolls!



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    Vernixscape 667 100% duel arena 100% clue scrolls!

    Post  unborn on Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:19 am

    Hello Rune-Server,

    I would love to welcome you to VernixScape,
    VernixScape is a new innovative server with a dedicated owner, meaning if you're looking for a permanent server to build up your character on, VernixScape is the server for you!
    Vernixscape has of unique features all ready. Features such as:

    Weapon game
    100% Duel arena
    100% Clue Scrolls

    Perfect switching
    Perfect pvp
    Upgradable Items
    Killstreaks (With Killstreak Ranks and Rewards)
    15+ Bosses To Raid
    10+ PK Zones
    24/7 Uptime
    Zombie Survival Minigame
    Fully Working Nex Dungeon
    Vote For Rewards
    Donate For Rewards
    Fixed slayer 100%
    Fixed range
    Fixed lag
    Fixed bugs and glitches
    Random Pvp Casket Drops

    Auto vote



    Bounties: Vernixscape Bounty System - YouTube

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