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    Post  revolter on Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:31 pm

    Hello everyone! Welcome to Exospawn PvP.

    The server is a 667 with older item graphics added (like the normal dh and normal metal armor such as rune)

    There are many features. All sorts of PvM from barrows to jad and even revs, 14 working skills, many types of currency including PkP Tickets and Dungeoneering Coins, and more!

    Combat is perfect. PvP and PvM are great because of the awesome combat system.

    First 10 players receive 15m. Also, whenever 10 players are on at once for the first time(and the owner is on), there will be a drop party with rares and many valuables!

    This is a rather new server. Please invite any friends and try to get players when you can.

    Note: No staff hunters please (at least dont beg).
    Please enjoy

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