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    Project Raw 24/7 - Old School PKing



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    Project Raw 24/7 - Old School PKing

    Post  Eazy on Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:30 am

    (Upgraded forums will be on

    Welcome to Project Raw

    Project Raw is a brand new server that has just been released and we're rapidly growing with lots of great features and loads of content. We're currently looking for some experienced
    staff members that are mature and capable for the spot. (no staffhunters).
    Forums aren't the best one as you should know, so that's why we're looking for a better Web developer aswell.

    Server is new and growning up daily! Our server is 24/7 open for everyone who like to play "old school" server!
    As you know the server is now, and there was an BETA test earlier. A lot of dupes/bugs got fixed, but still there's some unknown bugs.
    We're adding a lot of stuff to the server everyday, so there will be a lot of more stuff than now.
    Our current players are friendly to everyone, so that's why the community is good atm. It's nice to play a server where everyone are friendly and helpful to you!

    Our staff players are Friendly, helpful, loyalty and there's staff players from different time zones.
    Our staff spots are currently open!
    24/7 Staff available.
    If you want to be a part of Staff, you need to be friendly and helpful, and help the server as much as you can!
    We DO NOT sell staff ranks or put random people as staff, you have to show your skills and earn it!

    With heaps of content from challenging minigames to exotic quests, there's no doubt you'll love this server for years to come.
    Well, what are you waiting for? Why not come and test? Start your adventure on Project Raw!
    See you ingame!

    I will upload videos to thread as soon as possible!

    All skills working besides summ / hunt.
    Double Experience every weekend
    Slayer shop
    PKP system + killstreaks.
    Active forums.
    Mature and experienced staff team.
    Pest control.
    Webclient + DL client.
    Warriors guild.
    NO LAG.
    1,5k exp/hit
    Killstreak System
    PK Point system
    Vote system (Coming soon)
    OSRS Gameframe or 498
    Lottery System
    Perfect switching and pvp
    Daily updates.
    No dupes.
    Great pking system/switching
    Completionist cape.
    Nothing is too hard or too easy.
    Duel arena.
    Prestige System (5 Levels)
    Ton's of bosses.
    Oldskool pking / eco server.
    Active owner and staff team.
    Custom titles.

    And a lot of more! Come and see!

    Home & Dzone:




    Point Shops:


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