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    FearXrsps NEW need staff and players



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    FearXrsps NEW need staff and players

    Post  backup888 on Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:11 am

    Hey Guy's this is FearXrsps.

    Zombies Onslaught Minigame
    Custom Dungeoneering System
    Off-Hands [Dont work yet}
    Boss Contracts
    All Skills Working
    Flawless switching (ancient, curses, etc)
    Automated double exp weekends, from friday till sunday
    Right click view stats option
    Most titles have requirements that need to be met to unlock
    Difficulty Selections
    - Choose difficulty on login for the first time by doing ::starter
    Very easy, Easy, Normal, Hard Extreme.
    - Harder difficulties increase drop rates, but lower the exp rate
    - Easier difficulties decrease drop rates, but higher the exp rate
    Custom Prestige System with ::skull
    Skulls to show your prestige level
    Prestige shop with Clay weapons, Battle-Mage, trickster, and more
    6 prestige levels in total
    Skilling Rewards
    Custom skilling system
    PvP System
    Loyalty Points
    Squeal of Fortune
    Fight Caves, 63 waves
    Fight Kiln, 32 waves?
    Full Nex
    Queen/King Black Dragon
    Kalphite Queen
    Much More...

    Home will be changed soon

    Change to OPENGL

    How to change to OPENGL

    Staff use devlopers console!!

    NEX!!! drops rate are good if your on extreme!!!

    Working SoF just need Lucky every day 2 automatic spins will be add on your acc


    Acc information

    Teles + more

    Change able dif and more

    Rewards for task boss killing

    Importand information!!!!! Raid

    PHP forums hosted and 3 days online!!!

    Please join us today and become a warrior


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