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    Supremescape new rsps need staff



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    Supremescape new rsps need staff

    Post  kbpapango on Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:50 am

    hello! im khenz also known as Jc Fire and i love RSPS so much, i always give time and $ on all the server that i playing
    but after 2-3 months it always close. thats why i decided to create my own rsps, why join again on other server that will close afer 2-3 months? I study,read and tried all the TUTs on how to make a RSPS now, after 3months of hardwork!
    im proud to present my RSPS 317 and 718 .

    the 2 server is hosted by a vps and its online 24/7 no lagg at all promise Smile
    718 Features
    -all 24 skills working
    -22 bosses
    -8 minigames
    -3 quests
    -Pking active
    -Prestiging system (after u prestige it adds additional +exp)
    -ring or recoil,wealth,x2 xp ring is working
    -veteran cape
    -loyalty shop
    -prestige shop
    -doantor zone,donator shop and boss
    -extreme shop and extreme boss
    -DICE AND Follower poker active.

    317 feutures
    - 24 fully working skills
    - Skills go up to level 125!
    - Squeal of Fortune operational: 3 spins given for each 99, 5 spins for a 125.
    - X bones on altar
    - Working ring of wealth!
    - Portals minigame gives 3m reward for players 5m for donators.
    - Working commands such as ::home, ::funpk, ::chill, and much more.
    - Ring of recoil fully working
    - Crystal keys for crystal chests
    - 8 working minigames: Duel Arena, Barrows, Pest Control, Tzhaar, Warriors Guild, Assault & Domination, Nomad & Angry Goblin, Portals Minigame.
    - Loyalty points with shop
    - Double XP ring in loyalty shop
    - Minecraft gear in loyalty shop
    - Enable/Disable x10 hitting
    - Enable/Disable New HP bar
    - All working emotions
    - ::yell feature for all players
    - 2 Training areas
    - Prestige levels with prestige points
    - Rare drop table, with caskets, crystal keys, d boots.
    - Secured banks with bank pins

    to be honest im not a pro coder, like what i told i just study,read and study again to make a rsps thats why im looking for a dedicated staff that will help me run and DEVELOP more the 2 server.

    add me on skype : khen15 / kenneth papango

    just remove the _ to view the image Smile and add http.//

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