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    Escape Scape RS3 Server 99% Uptime! 0 Lag!



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    Escape Scape RS3 Server 99% Uptime! 0 Lag!

    Post  EscapeScape on Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:34 pm

    99% Uptime!

    Don't Worry it's not a virus! We Don't Support those here! So download and start playing.

    ~~~ Instructions on how to play! ~~~
    ~~~~~~ 1) Please make sure you have the latest version of java downloaded! ~~~~~
    Save the downloaded file which is named, "Hashtag.jar" (this is the client name) to your desktop or in a easy to get to location! or if you mess up and cannot find it simply do this (go to the bottom left of your screen ) click the start button search in the bar below "Hashtag.jar" without the quotes, the drag it to your desktop and ding all set!
    Double Click the icon!
    Wait for the updates to load , Don't worry it may take longer for others. Normally about 2-3 min is the average wait time!
    And Finally Type in your desired Username , and Password. We strongly encourage that you do not give this to other people because this could result in the loss of your account! Only trust yourself with your account!

    Go there to download our client!

    Awesome graphics RS3
    -RS3 Graphics with a Rs2 type of play!
    -All God armors
    -Working curses, and all spell books
    -Epic PvP.
    - Bandos, Sara, Arma, Nex, KBD, Corp, Glacors, and much much more!
    - Leveling is not super fast to keep play time interesting!
    and much much more.

    If you join within 3 days you'll get a epic starter kit and free donor for a week!

    We have an awesome staff and we are also looking for more Pmods, and Helpers for in-game.

    When you login just pick what ever you want as a username and password and boom! you're in please do not give this out .

    When you join and you ask for your starter kit, ask Dylan in game. And keep him on your friends list!

    Also our admins are as followed!

    ----Add them, if you would like!

    We need 4 more pmods. So please contact one of us and see if you're pmod material. i will update the post when all spots are closed. cheers 

    So escape the boring Runescape and come to EscapeScape! santa 

    PvP on escape scape
    Like us on Facebook Facebook link!
    Webclient is in the making!
    See you in there!  jocolor king

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