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    ProjectMidnightV2 | Vps Hosted | Economy | Holiday Events | Much More!

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    Client Download: www(dot)mediafire(dot)com/download/g57a00e7a1vaf5w/PMV2+Client(dot)rar

    Forums: projectmidnightv2.boards(dot)net

    Website: coming soon

    Webclient: coming soon


    Project Midnight was run 2 years ago by me for about 3 months, due to computer troubles i was forced to shut it down. This winter I became bored of playing call of duty so I decided to check through my computer for a server to code. I cape across this one and began to code it. Now i have completely recreated the server, new bosses, a new home, new items and  many other new things have been added to improve the server and other things will continue to be added! I have decided to open up the server to players in hopes of creating a fun server with great players, and also for suggestions on how to improve the server. So why not join and try it out and see how you like it?


    - Vps Hosted(Trentahost)
    - Double exp weekends
    - Nex armors
    - Primal armor and weapons
    - Chaotics
    - Working Christmas crackers
    - Sled and easter basket with correct anims
    - Spirit shields(corporeal beast drops sigils and you add to blessed spirit shield)
    - Vesta, Zuriel, Statius and Morrigan
    - Dragon claws
    - Godswords(can dismantle and create)
    - Godwars!
    - Overloads
    - Dragonfire shield works
    - Crystal key chest that rewards random items
    - Working minigames(pest control, barrows, jad, duel arena and warriors guild)
    - 22 working skills
    - Slayer point system from finishing tasks
    - Pk point system with KDR
    - Lottery
    - Premium donator rank as well as Daontor rank
    - Multiple different bosses(Dagannoth Kings, Tormented Demons, Strykewyrms, Avatars, Mole, KBD, Corpereal Beast, Slash Bash and more)
    - Active Owner
    - Custom PK Box
    - Holiday Events


    Owner: Midnight
    Co-Owner: Sunlight
    Admins: Andrew
    Mods: Mod Andrew(not the same person as andrew)


    Please leave feedback and come try us out!

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