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    Destruction PK 718 || VPS || NEW || Looking For Staff || Great Server !



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    Destruction PK 718 || VPS || NEW || Looking For Staff || Great Server !

    Post  badinga on Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:42 pm

    Use Downloadable client
    we are currently Also looking for new members to become part of our staff
    Why should you join Destruction-Pk?!
    718 Pking spawn server
    We host the server on a powerful dedicated server to make sure we're online 24/7.
    Daily/Weekly updates.
    Decent drop rates, also double drops weekend.
    Good XP rates for skilling and combat.
    Donator zone for our donators.
    Staff listens to your suggestions. and always gives helping a hand

    CHATBOX: : bdrolol chat group - 718 pking spawn server have fun

    Need Help ? Go To Chatbox ^^

    Destrution-Pk 718 rev loading 753 cache
    We made this rsps espicially for players that loves pking\skilling\pvming\dicing/staking..
    we looking for all staffs ..join today and enjoy!
    8 GB VPS 24/7 No lagg
    - Dominion Tower- PRESTIGE SYSTEM- CONSTRUCTION AND DUNGEONEERING - Blink {customs drop} =
    - DOUBLE XP WEEKENDS- WILD WYRMS {korasi,vigour,voids}- Gilded Altar
    - Castle Wars- Clan Wars Safe and Risk portal for funfights.- Glacors with fire spell weakness
    - Kuradals Dungeon- Queen Black Dragon- King Black Dragon-
    - Frost Dragons- Slayer Tower- Corporeal Beast- Starter items- New weapons(drygores)
    - Chaotics/ Dragon claws- Working korasi- Nex- - Dicing

    JOIN NOW !!

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