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    Newly Made Cinemascape !!!



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    Newly Made Cinemascape !!!

    Post  Noxxilla on Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:24 am

    Hello and welcome to the newly made Cinemascape, in the past it was created to be a 718 revision but had many interests in making into a 317 revision. So we went with an old school look and the server has now been re-released. I will be showing you what's in game, starting with all of the many unique features of Cinemascape. VPS hosted, up 24/7. If there is any problem feel free to send me an email, it is : Clearindustries(at)hotmail(dot)com Happy scaping Smile

    Home Page

    All of our server information is here. Still under construction.

    Working Forums

    Sever barely opened so the forums are a little working progress that will be finished soon.

    High scores

    Show off your  skills and how much you are dedicated to the server Wink

    Here is our login screen, it currently needs to be renamed.

    Custom made login page, very detailed.

    In-game shops / Custom Home

    Here you can buy your common gear.

    Working Godwars kill count

    Resets if you log out or teleport out

    Working Godswords spec / animation

    Get your Prod On !!!

    Working drops

    Make the mils !

    Skilling areas

    Make the gp's and skill til you die !

    Working Herb

    Drink til your tipsy !

    100% working Castlewars !

    Get crazy !

    Pest control

    Farm those pc points now before it gets harder Wink

    Custom coded Amulet !

    Best amulet in-game !! Only $5 donate fast the price will be rising Wink

    There is a lot more to be explored be the first of many to experience a new runescape private server that will be rising through the ranks !!!

    Download link :
    Home Page :
    Forums link :
    Voting is currently being fixed for the rewards, but you can still vote i will manually give you 1.5m but you must pm me first when you vote.

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