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    join verinia today !

    Post  doek on Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:51 pm

    We are back with Verinia! Since we went down I’ve been making nonstop updates and bug fixes. Me and my old friends have decided to do it different this time. We’ve downgraded to a normal 742 cache, so we will basicly time-travel back to the old times.

    I got a question for you all, do you like Pvm and a little bit of PvP? Then this is the server for you!

    At the moment we have got one of the best groing communities in the name of RSPS.

    VPS features:

    8 GB
    6400MB RAM
    100% uptime
    No lagg at all

    Ingame features:

    Working Construction
    The Abyss 100% like RS
    New Custom Bosses (7)
    Easter Event
    Full Living Rock Caverns
    11 Custom bosses for now Chaotics and korasi's are obtainable ingame
    Squeal of Fortune: Try your luck
    Crystal Chest which will give you spin tickets
    All skills are working right now
    Veteran cape on 30 hours of login
    Revenant Dungeon
    Elite Black Knights
    Loyalty System

    Every Item is obtainable trough PVM or PVP
    Discover much more in the world of Verinia!
    go to verina dot com and download the client!

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