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    New Server 'Primalage' Awsome Server! Join Now



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    New Server 'Primalage' Awsome Server! Join Now

    Post  Primalage on Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:40 am

    Primalage is a New server Which has

    * Perfect Skilling/2 comming soon

    *Perfect Bosses/Corp,Gorgs,Nomads,Custom Bosses,Primal Warriors Much More!

    *Awsome Pking/Edge,Varrock,Magebank,Green drags

    *Awsome Items/Claws,ags,Korasi,Phats,Santas,Vesta,Torva,Pernix,Virtus,Choatics,and Much More! Primal Weapons and Armour!

    *Awsome commands/ ::home ::train ::vote ::donate ::commands/Brings about 20 commands up with ::Help ::askprimal and much more bosses to tele to and skills!

    *Fast Skilling!, Max combat 138, Summoning! Dung! Crystal keys to open chests and you gain Pvp-gear Primal,Chaotics,Claws,Vesta,Stat ect

    *Primalage is a fairly New server so it will need some staff at some point Feel Free to Join Primalage! Awsome Friendly Staff , Friendly Xat community, and In-game!

    Webcilent: Just type 'Primal age New Rsps Needs staff' Then youtube will come up and you will find your link on there! Online 247

    New Xat Chat: Meet me on normal Xat and i will direct you to the new chat

    Delete the SPACE Inbertween / x and / s
    Hope we see you Playing Soon Very Happy 
    Enjoy PLAYING!

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