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    Check out the brand new 317 PI, RSPS for a ultimate expeirence!



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    Check out the brand new 317 PI, RSPS for a ultimate expeirence!

    Post  InsigniaX on Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:56 pm

    Check us out at:


    Features about the server!

    -602 NPC Amount: 11257
    -667 graphics
    -602 Skill Interface
    -new staffzone
    -Fading Hitmarks
    -Christmas event
    -Added Working Leech Spec and ALL Saps Curses.
    -Combat Icons Next to Damage
    -Dungeoneering - 8 floors
    -Summoning Special Attacks
    -Dicing System
    -10Man "Raid" Style Bosses
    -Introduction of Red Dragons, Very Active Pking
    -Wilderness Revernants
    -Custom PK'ing Skill
    -Elite Slayer Tasks
    -All NPC's around the World
    -More Advanaced Skilling than PI
    -FULLY working Overloads 100% RS
    -39 Jad Waves, Custom
    -Unique Custom Home
    -Dragonfireshield works 100% Charging!
    -100% Working pvp armours ( Statius, Vesta, Zuriel and Morrigan)!
    -PKP Shops
    -100% Corrected Item Stats
    -Even More NPC Anims Added
    -Player Owned Shops - by doing ::myshop
    -Sarabrew doesnt drain stats when overloaded
    -PERFECT Bridding / Switching
    -Soulwars Cape & More Items Added
    -Torva, Korasi, Primal (With Effect's)
    -Critical Hits (RS Hitsplat)
    -Fixed Slayer NPC Perfectly Animated and Updated
    -Instant Loading
    -Ring of Life & Slayer Helmet Effects
    -Brilliant Custom Designed Interfaces
    -667 RS Graphics
    -Custom Desgined GWD with Interfaces
    -Working Spirit Shield Effects
    -Hand Cannon, Arcane Stream, Ring of Vigour Effects
    -Dungeoneering Skillcape Emotes, Chaotic Shields
    -NO DUPES, ALL BUGS FIXED sucks for u glitchers lol
    -602 Animations, 602 GFX, 474 Maps, 614 Items, 317 Characters
    -Enhanced GFX Rendering Looks Smoother!
    -Donaters has a portal for funpk Smile
    -Perfect RS Hand Cannon Fixed
    -Perfect Constitution x10 Hits and HP
    -Very accurate Special Calcs for PvP Server
    -Near Flawless Combat System
    -Perfect RS Chaotic Crossbow
    -Real RS Dung Teleport /w Kinship Ring
    -Dungeoneering is by far the most advanced from ANY server!
    -Working and Completely Custom PK Skill (exp from winning in wild)
    -Very customisabled source files, as written in PI / DSPK style.
    -Real RS Barrage Orb's for non freezing barrages.
    -Perfect full screen
    -All single doors open
    -All double doors around the world open


    All stats Do go up to 120 !

    All minigames work perfectly fine , been tested all 100%!

    317 Home with 716 Custom Global Objects!

    Full working barrows with barrow points and chest !

    Perfect mining with all ores!

    Jad Works 100% Perfect attacks and really challenging to go through the awesome experience !

    Perfect Lodestone teleport networks!

    This is the real beasty RS experience where you can't get it anywhere else but here!

    And some of our beasty full working Minigames you can participate in!

    Brand new agility!!

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    Post  InsigniaX on Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:08 am

    Check us Out Its Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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