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    Ecclisial 718+ Eco/Pk/Pvm 20+ ONLINE 24/7



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    Ecclisial 718+ Eco/Pk/Pvm 20+ ONLINE 24/7

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    Why Ecclisial 667?

    We believe runescape private servers come down to two things - the community - and quality content. We are proud to say we have been in the runescape private server business for over 3 years and we do not plan on stopping any time soon. Ecclisial has a lot to offer, something for everyone, but we LOVE to show off our community, from the active and helpful staff team - to the player base, everyone here is willing to help you.

    Helpful Links:

    Ecclisial - Forums
    Ecclisial - Desktop Client
    Ecclisial runelocus - Vote for Us
    Ecclisial (coming soon) - Webclient

    Main attractions:

    - Dedicated server, 24/7 uptime, and NO LAG!
    - Extremely stable server, never worry about rollbacks
    - Daily updates & bug fixes (we mean it too!)
    - Stable drop rates and economy
    - Double XP weekends
    - Active and helpful staff team
    - Owner(s) that are active and take and implement suggestions from players
    - Automatic donations and voting, get your rewards instantly!
    - Epic donor zone in the Enchanted Valley
    - Custom Ice Wyrms!
    - Custom PvP Areas

    Main Features:

    - Active Fight Pits
    - Duel Arena
    - Dominion Tower
    - Clan Wars (ALL maps!)
    - Castle Wars
    - Fight Caves (63 waves)
    - Fight Kiln (36 waves)
    - Barrows
    - King Black Dragon
    - Queen Black Dragon
    - Tormented Demons
    - Corporal Beast
    - Kalphite Queen
    - Nomad
    - Bork
    - Full GWD
    - Advanced Crystal Key Chest (3 tiers of rewards)
    - Detailed Slayer System (cancel tasks, co-op, points)
    - Summoning (Steel Titan, Pak Yak, Unicorns)
    - Dwarf Multicannon
    - Real Bandit Camp (Fast Training!)
    - Tzhaar City
    - Forinthy Dungeon (Revs, Green drags)
    - Brimhaven & Taverely Dungeon
    - Frost Dragons (Great Money!)
    - Glacors (REAL COMBAT!)
    - Vote Point Store In-Game (godswords, claws, bandos)
    - Donation Shop (Ranks & Items)
    - Money Pouch (Shop & Trade integration)
    - Gilded Altar (Fast Prayer XP)
    - New or old item looks (::itemlooks)
    - Quick Help (::commands or ::help)
    - Staff always online to help you with anything

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