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    Post  AvaZLore on Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:35 am

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    Due to the fact that I can't post an external link.. TO FIND THE SERVER:
    Type into your search engine; E.g Google, Yahoo; "ChronicScape Runelocus"
    This will bring you to our RuneLocus page.
    Have fun playing!!!

    Owner: Sandon
    Co-Owner: Tyson

    Squeal of Fortune
    100% Money Pouch
    Clue Scrolls
    Working PkP Point system with 2 PkP shops
    Lucky Items and their special attacks/stats
    Commands for spellbooks, altar for curses
    100% Dicing ( Clan )


    King Black Dragon
    Queen Black Dragon
    Tormented Demons with all prayers and attacks
    Full Nex with all 4 stages
    Full Godwars Dungeon, with teleports and working altars ( with timers )
    Corporeal beast
    Frost dragons
    Dominion Tower

    Custom Donator Zone
    Halloween Event ( created by me )
    Started on Christmas event ( check the dialouges )

    And much more, find out by yourself.

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