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    Website:COMMING SOON
    Webclient:COMMING SOON

    - 24/7
    - 100% Money Pouch
    - No Dupes + Cheat engine/cheat clients Blocked
    - Server Announcement upon 99 with spins awarded for SOF
    - Lottery System With Staff Disabled from entering draw
    - Custom Login Messages, for staff or certain players
    - Total level with 120 dung
    - Squeal of fortune with eventhandling
    - Staff tab with online status showing
    - 24 Skills all working, With advanced Methods
    - Loyalty shop with 100 points/hour and titles,pets,armour etc
    - Perfect switching
    - Anti lag 100% fullscreen with all orbs
    - Brand new teleportation sidebar interfaces
    - Fixed all crown and donator issues
    - UID system, allowing only deathlypvpz client to connect
    - Super Donator with features ::drive, ::bank etc
    - Milestone System with complectionist cape+emote
    - New bosses and minigames
    - Npc,Player,tile and projectile clipping
    - Summoning creating pouch infusing and summoning
    - New skillcape shop, interface with pictures
    - Perfect agility arena, With awards and points
    - Ticket exchange, turn 2b into a check
    - Xp lamp available from squeal(Multiclick enabled)
    - Npc facing allowing npcs to direction/walk
    - X bones on alter
    - Disabled looping items upon purchase
    - Lodestones ::interface 16200
    - 317 maps readded for v4, with exeption of 718 nex's
    - Fully working nex with followers and specials
    - New items Ganodermic, polypore etc
    - Teleport tab teleport spells light up
    - Welcome screen thanks to alero
    - Pest control with boat ride from port sarim
    - 718 bandos and torva models
    - Jailed if you have dung items outside dung
    - All new emotes in tab work
    - x2 Xp ring added to loyalty shop
    - Lunar isle maps with banking there and objects
    - Ragefire, steadfast and glaiven boots
    - Clipped firemaking and ash dropping
    - New point handling via interface
    - Nudolion with guide how to make super/overloads
    - Brand new item pricing
    - New home in rimmington
    - Custom rimmington bank
    - Working draining auras with wings
    - Bank pins and bank searching
    - Construction portal at home with shop
    - New runescape context menu's
    - Dwarf multi cannon(fix firing)
    - Two worlds with world switching
    - Fixed all pets including dogs and cats
    - New monster teleporting interfaces
    - Automatic username&password saving

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