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    Dustscape[eco][Bossing][Costoms][Donator Items][PvP][Dung]



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    Dustscape[eco][Bossing][Costoms][Donator Items][PvP][Dung]

    Post  DustScape on Tue May 28, 2013 1:44 pm

    Who are we?
    Dustscape is a Major Eco server that has been on for years. However, our previous owner, Carl, left the server, and the server suffered a downtime lasting months. Fortunately, Seth has come to re-open the server, and has instituted several reforms to make the server more appealing. The economy is incredible, with all skills working, drops configured, and especially a custom Dungeoneering system working! With so many different ways to get items, you know that you'll have to spend a while to get what you want.

    So what do you have?
    Tons of things, actually. We have a perfect Summoning system, with steel titan scrolls, pack yak BoB and scrolls, and more working to its prime. Bossing is abundant with over 15 bosses to choose from including those for donators, and you'll be able to use your summoning familiars to aid you in combat! PvP is incredible as well, with switching extremely fast and all combat formulas working incredibly well. Nex armour effects work perfectly, quests there to occupy your time, and minigames to have fun with your fellow players!

    That sounds great! What can I get via donating?
    We have a great donator shop that allows you to receive many hard-to-obtain items, but you won't be able to get them easily in order to keep the fairness for other players. The shop includes profound armour with charges to boost your damage against NPC's, and a nice looking veteran cape to temporarily multiply damage done for PvM! The donator status itself gives you access to the yell system and a great donator zone with multiple shops and bosses to choose from!

    Search for us on google "Dustscape,org"

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