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    Elysian 728

    Post  Gimpy on Wed Apr 24, 2013 12:28 pm

    (no we are not a spawn server Smile )
    Elysian-spawn 728
    Are you guys tired of running out of things to do, bosses to kill or simply skills to train? well look no futher because elysian-spawn has just stepped in! We are a growing community with alot to offer. As owner of Elysian-spawn my job is to make sure you have a fun and enjoyable time, My staff will always help you if you require assistance with anything server related.

    -We are a 718 loading 728
    -fully working nex
    -all gwd bosses full working
    -custom mini-game (delewis dungeon raid) MORE TO COME SOON!
    -all npcs and bosses work 100%
    -100% magics, ancients, prayers and curses
    -Prestiege System
    -A great community Smile
    -And a lot more!!!

    Owners are Gimpy and Kingmegadeth
    Play here!:

    We hope to see you in game soon farao

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