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    ProjectTrance -STAFF OPEN (read)


    Magic Bacon

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    ProjectTrance -STAFF OPEN (read)

    Post  Magic Bacon on Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:11 am

    Hello, I am here to advertise my friend and me's RSPS!

    1. Staff Is open! 1 Admin position and 2 Mod Positions!
    2. Server is down for maintnence but will be back up in a few hours!
    3. Register on forums @ : Here you can apply for staff.
    4. Tons on shops w/custom home!
    5. Working dicing and duel arena!
    6. Working chatbox on forums, me (co-owner) and my brother (admin) will be in there answering your questions.
    7. Nex gears do work!
    8. Working claws!
    9. Great coders!
    10. Chaotics Smile
    11. Vote point shop and cheap donating!! JOIN NOW

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