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    TroubleX new server needs staff!



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    TroubleX new server needs staff!

    Post  griff on Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:58 am

    Hello and welcome to the TroubleX advertisement page!
    link to forums:

    Whats so special about us!

    We are a pk based server but with a bossing and eco need. As to gain the best items they must be done so by bossing and then buying! which encorperates everytype of player!

    We run from a Vps

    • this means that we have no lagg and 100% uptime unless updating!

    • Regular updates are run daily to provide good strong content for our players!

    • As we are a new server we currently have staff spots open, but we wont just hand these out you must work for them!

    • Changable interface and graphical settings allow players to choose the type of game they wish to play on.

    We currently only run off a download client, later today we will be posting a webclient up for people to play!

    Here is a list of current features in the game! new bosses and minigames are being added shortly once the webclient is up!

    • kalphite queen
    • KBD
    • Full godwars
    • Dags
    • Chaos elemental!
    • Barrows
    • Duel arena
    • Fire cape!
    • Duel arena!

    All skills fullying working!

    Automated voting system to get your rewards instantly!

    We also have a dicing community!

    Here are some pictures

    We are not just looking for a runescape server,

    we are looking to create a community!

    Thanks for reading pcitures will be uploaded soon Smile

    Thanks again
    Ryan(server owner)

    link to forums:

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