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    Bionic Scape | Need Staff!



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    Bionic Scape | Need Staff!

    Post  bionicangel on Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:30 pm

    We are a new server and need staff to join our server,
    Need 3 Mods 2 Admins Owner: Bionicangel. Co-Owner: Dontongeno.
    Player's Commands
    - probably more to come.

    Custom Features
    -Killstreak Rewards
    -Killstreak Capes
    -Safe Pvp
    -Weekly Polls
    -Achievements Diary
    -Achievement Rewards
    -High Risk PK Arena
    -High Risk PK Arena Reward Shop
    -High Risk PK Arena Random Loots
    -Dying At High Risk Pk Arena Keeps NO Items (Even With Protect Item + Unskulled!)
    -New Zombie Minigame Released!
    -Pvp Prices Fixed - You Can Now PK With No Worry Of Losing Expensive Items!

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