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    Project Complexity 317 Brand NEW



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    Project Complexity 317 Brand NEW

    Post  sowhatsup on Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:33 pm

    Welcome to Project Complexity server status page.
    This is a Brand new server I'm releasing.
    This server was an old popular one back in the days and the host just suddenly quit and released it.
    Well I've spent about 2 hours on updates and a few little things, and now its up and running.

    projectcomplexity dot tk

    Coming soon*
    Screenshots - Complete.
    Forums - Doing now.
    Webclient - Later on.
    Donate spot - Doing now.

    And for 90% of server page trolls yes we NEED staff.
    No that does not mean since your first to login to server your now a staff member.

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