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    RyThorn 667/711

    Post  MitchyB on Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:12 am

    Come and join RyThorn for your RSPS adventure!

    A brand new 667/711 server with a full functional website and a £75 p/m dedicated server hosting us proving 247 uptime and zero-lag, the dedicated server specifications are good enough to host us with minimal lag for the first 400 players.

    Obviously you know that as a brand new RSPS it's difficult to find your feet and get those first new members that will eventually bring in their friends and vote for the server, so this is the best time to join and show your loyalty to RyThorn before we hopefully become a more popular server.

    What's the point of having an RSPS without a goal? I want to be hitting the top 10 of runelocus in no less than a years time! We'll do that by showing our dedication, having loyal and friendly members/staff and keeping a 100% uptime ratio.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come and check out our website, register an account and then download the client (webclient will be made available as soon as possible). It's so easy to start your RyThorn adventure today, and what's better than joining a server with an incredible looking, easy to navigate website and a fantastic dedicated server that can host the server 24/7 with zero lag.

    Come and have a look @ Search "" on google (I can't post links yet) and start your adventure today!

    Invite your friends to also come and join the fun. Remember, as it is with any RSPS, the more players we get the funner the experiences becomes for all!

    Take care all and I hope to see you on the forums or in-game.

    Thank you for reading,


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